Quality and Techonology
Quality and Techonology

Quality and Techonology

The Fundiven’s Management System policy consists in continuous improvement of the quality of our processes and products, as well as environmental performance, in order to fulfill the deadlines and expected costs by our customers and stakeholders. While ensuring environmental protection, pollution prevention and minimization of the most significant environmental impacts, related with consumption of natural resources such as water, energy and waste production.
Is our main concern:

  • Provide to employees the infrastructure, the means, the resources, the work environment and methodologies to ensure adequate safety and hygiene at work to make it possible for them to ensure excellence service in Fundiven;
  • Promote communication with stakeholders with particular attention to satisfaction ensuring;
  • Invest, when possible, in technical and scientific innovation and process improvement;
  • Comply with regulatory, legal and other applicable requirements.

The Management is committed to disclose and maintain the guiding principles of the policy adopted.